Organic Legumes
Giant Lentils
italian origin

Our Organic legumes, selected and grown strictly in Italy from sustainable agriculture and controlled supply chain.
The lentil of Alta Murgia is a native variety of this territory, cultivated with traditional methods, and it is recognized as a precious food of the Mediterranean diet. It has a hay green color with a mild grassy but sweet flavour.

Lenticchie verdi giganti BIO - Molino Bongermino

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Molino Bongermino Legumes bring the south of Italy to your table. An explosion of colours that reflects the variety of our landscapes and all the vitality of the Mediterranean people. All mixed with a pinch of cheerfulness, you will bring a good mood to the table!

I valori aggiunti

From organic agriculture
From suitable soil for sustainable cropping systems
Packaged in MAP
Grown in Italy from certified and controlled supply chain
Sustainable and recyclable packaging
Eco-friendly product

Added values