Molino Bongermino COMPANY


Molino Bongermino is an handicraft Company that produces re-milled durum wheat semolina, flours of other types and legumes.

The design idea stems from the need to transform superior quality semolina for the production of bread and bakery products. The re-milled durum wheat semolina of the Molino Bongermino was conceived for the classic craftsmanship, but also for the needs and technologies of the contemporary era. The production of flours is characterized by a costant and high quality over time thanks to the use of fine grains.
In fact, a skilful selection and mixing of the best local durum wheat guarantees a product able to satisfy the most demanding customers. An indisputable element of our products is the consistency of quality, a feature much appreciated by bakers.
The technologically advanced grinding plant makes it possible to produce a semolina with a low content of bacterial load, thus giving the finished product a high hygienic-sanitary standard.


ISO 22005:2007 Certification – Traceability in Agri-food supply chains

Certification of Organic Method

Italian Product Certification

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