Flour with cereals and seeds

Made by mixing four stone milled wholemeal flours (oat, barley, spelt and rye) with soft wheat flour type 0, sesame seeds, linseeds and sunflower seeds. The multigrain flour has a high fibre, vitamin and protein content and a pleasant taste. Suitable for all bakery goods. Ingredients: soft wheat flour type 0, sunflower seeds, wholemeal rye flour, wholemeal oat flour, wholemeal barley flour, wholemeal spelt flour, linseeds, sesame seeds.

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Special Flours

Organic flours obtained by milling of selected cereals. Product innovation is the keyword of our new line of special flours, characterised by the search for new ingredients and the rediscovery of ancient cereals. Each product has been designed to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Added Values

Obtained by a traditional milling process.
Cereals grown in Italy.
Obtained by milling cereals, without additives.
From controlled and certified supply chain.
It contains gluten and sesame. It may contain traces of soy and mustard.
Fully recyclable packaging.

Added Values

Track the products

In order to combat inflation and the uncertainty of the origin and the processing of raw materials, new marketing and consumption models known as “short supply chain” have spread. The Molino Bongermino’s project “Filiera Punto Zero” was launched to highlight the synergy between the players of the supply chain and to allow the consumer to follow and trace the entire process: from sowing to the end product. .

Suitable for

Difficoltà: Medium
Preparazione: 15 min