Durum wheat
Stone milled Semolina

Obtained by stone-milling to retain the wheat germ. It has a high fibre and vitamin content. Suitable for pasta and bakery goods.

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Classic Flours

Careful selection of the best local grains, research and developement of new products, control of the production process, rigourous and daily laboratory analyses together with respect for tradtion are our strengths. Innovation and tradition are the keywords of our hard work to provide the customers with hugh quality durum wheat semolina.

Added Values

Obtained by traditional stone-milling process.
Wheat gronw and milled in Italy.
Obtained by milling durum wheat, without additives.
From controlled and certified supply chain.
It contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy, mustard and sesame.
Fully recyclable packaging.

Added Values

Track the products

In order to combat inflation and the uncertainty of the origin and the processing of raw materials, new marketing and consumption models known as “short supply chain” have spread. The Molino Bongermino’s project “Filiera Punto Zero” was launched to highlight the synergy between the players of the supply chain and to allow the consumer to follow and trace the entire process: from sowing to the end product.