Organic durum wheat
Senatore Cappelli
Wholemeal Stone milled

“Senatore Cappelli” is an ancient durum wheat variety. The stone milling process keeps all its organoleptic and nutritional properties unaltered, retaining the wheat germ. Suitable for pasta and bakery goods.

semola integrale Senatore Cappelli biologica macinata a pietra

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Special Flours

This line consists of flours and semolina obtained by the stone milling. They are real and not reconstituted wholemeal flours. Each flour retains all the intrinsic properties of the wheat germ. The grain is slowly stone milled in a single step to keep all the properties unaltered. The flour also retains all the fibre content the minerals and the vitamins of the wheat germ. This benefits our health and the genuine and strong taste of products of the past.

Added Values

Only from organic agriculture.
Wheat gronw and milled in Italy.
Italian organic durum wheat Senatore Cappelli without additives.
From controlled and certified supply chain.
It contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy, mustard and sesame.
Fully recyclable packaging.

Added Values

Track the products

In order to combat inflation and the uncertainty of the origin and the processing of raw materials, new marketing and consumption models known as “short supply chain” have spread. The Molino Bongermino’s project “Filiera Punto Zero” was launched to highlight the synergy between the players of the supply chain and to allow the consumer to follow and trace the entire process: from sowing to the end product. .